Kanpai! Niigata Sake Workshop and Joyful Trains

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Experience Niigata Japan via a Sake workshop and a Joyful Train Trip.

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We will be featuring Obata Sake Brewery in Niigata, who specializes in making Manotsuru Sake. Obata Shuzo (sake brewery), was founded in 1892 by Yososaku Obata as a local family-owned brewery and is located on Sako Island in Niigata. As one of the top sake breweries in japan prides itself on using the traditional handmade methods for more than a hundred years, with great appreciation for the abundant nature that surrounds the beautiful island.

Starting with pure, high-quality groundwater, and world-famous rice, Sado Island has become known as an excellent place to produce sake. During the workshop, attendees will be able to savor 3 types of Japanese Sake. If you are interested to learn more about Sake, this will be the perfect chance!

Sake workshop

✔︎ Sake - Introduction to Sake, What is Sake, Different types of Sake
✔︎ Niigata Regionality of Sake - Broad Tasting or Focus on Prefecture.
✔︎ Tasting 3 types of sake: Junmai, Karakuchi Ginjo, Daiginjo

Special tasting kit (80ml x 3 sample sakes)
1) Manotsuru Junmai Sakura
2) Manotsuru Karakuchi Junmai
3) Manotsuru Daiginjo Maho

We have invited Adrian from Interrice Asia, a certified sommelier, to give his insights on Sake. In addition, you will also learn about how Sake is brewed in Niigata, their wonderful properties, and how one can differentiate the types of Sake. This time, the Sake you will taste includes Daiginjo Maho, which won the Gold Medal at the largest and most respected Sake competition in Japan "National New Sake Awards" in 2018.

And what’s visiting Niigata without experiencing a Joyful Train ride onboard the Kairi (a restaurant-themed train) and Koshino Shu*kura (a sake-themed train)? Kanpai!

In addition, we will bring you sights and sceneries all across Japan and introduce the famous Joyful Trains. What’s visiting Niigata without experiencing a Joyful Train ride onboard the Kairi (a restaurant-themed train) and Koshino Shu*kura (a sake-themed train)? Kanpai! We hope that via this workshop, you will be able to enjoy of Niigata sake and discover Niigata at the comfort of your homes, and perhaps travel to Japan in the future to experience more Niigata sake for yourself!

Do note that the Sake sampling sets will only be delivered to your home address within 3 days prior to the event date, and only meant for addresses in Singapore, but the webinar is open for all around the world to enjoy!

Guest lecturer

Adrian is the Director of Inter Rice Asia and a sake Sommelier.
Adrian pursues his ever-growing passion for Japanese sake by visiting many breweries in Japan, and also attending various international sake sommelier courses. He is accredited by the Sake Service Institute, Sake Education Council, and the Sake Sommelier Association.
Adrian also frequently conducts talks, seminars, workshops, and food pairing events to increase appreciation for not only Japanese Sake, but also its history and culture.

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Fri Nov 27, 2020
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM SGT
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